Roger CPA Review Gives Back with Volunteer Program

Last month, Roger CPA Review launched #AccountingForChange, a company-wide employee volunteer initiative where team members across the country are encouraged to take time out of their regular work days to give back to an organization of their choice.

The foundation of our company has always been rooted in making a positive impact in the lives of those seeking growth, success, and satisfaction in their careers. This includes granting hundreds of scholarships each year, as well as support and guidance to CPA candidates throughout their entire educational journey.

By encouraging our talented team to make a positive impact, we believe that Roger CPA Review can harbor a greater understanding in the cities, states and countries that we operate.

Roger CPA Review employees are involved in a broad variety of philanthropic causes and initiatives:

Volunteer Spotlight: Charlotte Roberts 

To kick off our #RogerCPAReviewGivesBack campaign, our first volunteer spotlight features Charlotte Roberts, our Vice President of e-Learning. See where Charlotte went to spend several hours of her day and why.

Contra Costa County Elections Department 

On June 7, 2016, Charlotte Roberts volunteered at The Contra Costa County Elections Department, which provides the residents of Contra Costa County with resources and services regarding voters, candidates, and elections. Specifically, the department provides community outreach and education to help residents figure out if they’re registered to vote, what is on the ballot, what election results are, and where they can go in order to vote. The goal of their entire team is to provide fast, friendly, and helpful information when it comes to dealing with a government agency.

Charlotte’s Experience 

Charlotte volunteered as a clerk for her local polling place during the Primary Elections. Hear firsthand about her experience and why she chose it:

“Leading up to the volunteer day, I took 2 classes within the Contra Costa County Elections Department. I currently reside in Contra Costa County and have always wanted to know more about the CA election process.  Every time I go to vote at my local polling place, I see friendly smiles and helpful people volunteering their time to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Voting, in my opinion, is one of the great rights we have as Americans. I was excited to be able to give my time and serve to honor this right. I was able to explain to voters the unique rules regarding a primary election, such as the different parties within the state, how to identify the ballots, guide them to the correct polling place if they were in the wrong location, and assisted in use of the ADA compliance voting machine.

Customer service was of the utmost importance throughout the day.  I was encouraged to serve the community by being helpful, offering a smile, and assisting wherever.  I learned so much throughout the day, including the fact that the location I worked at was one of the busiest in the county.  We had over 850 people come through and vote. That’s 850 people within 10 miles of where I live that I was able to connect with! I can’t wait to do it again in November for the Presidential Election!”

Stay tuned as we continue to feature volunteer spotlights from our team members this week and see the various organizations they chose to give back to and why!

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