Roger CPA Review Raises the Bar with Fully Upgraded Interactive Practice Questions Software

Roger CPA Review, a global leader in CPA Exam preparation, has just announced the launch of their fully upgraded Interactive Practice Questions (IPQ) and CPA Exam Simulation software system. The renowned adaptive learning system has been improved to enhance students’ study efficiency based largely on the upcoming CPA Exam changes and student feedback.

With the profession’s top educators working in tandem with expert eLearning software developers, Roger CPA Review continues to provide the most efficient, effective and enjoyable CPA Exam review program by meeting the needs of the market and their students.

One of the most significant updates to the IPQ is the inclusion of the highly anticipated new Task-Based Simulation (TBS) question type, Document Review Simulations (DRS). Students can now get hands on experience with actual DRS in order to build familiarity and confidence with these problems. Course materials furthermore provide students with coaching on how to best approach DRS so they are properly prepared when it makes its debut on the CPA Exam July 1, 2016.

“The new DRS questions will enable the AICPA to more thoroughly test a candidate’s ability to handle real world problems,” said Roger CPA Review’s Chief Operating Officer, Kristin Lynes. “We are not only preparing students for success on the exam, but moreover for success in their career.”

In addition to DRS, the IPQ software upgrade will incorporate several other features to enhance students’ learning and comprehension. This includes more complex TBS that the academic team has designed in order to challenge students to use a higher level of thinking. All TBS have also been updated to look, feel and function even more like CPA Exam. For example, students can fill out fully functioning Tax Forms, practice problems that require numeric entry, flip through information in tabs and sub-tabs, and alter their screen view with split screen options just as they would in the actual CPA Exam.

“I like that the IPQs are now formatted to look more like the interface of the actual exam. I think it is more user friendly, and gets the user more comfortable with the layout prior to the exam. Also having DRS IPQs will be helpful going forward,” said one of Roger CPA Review’s student beta testers.

The new IPQs have also taken into account the series of updates the CPA Exam introduced earlier this year to improve the test-taker’s User Experience (UX). This includes changing the “Exit” button to a “Submit Testlet” button, and altering the “Timer Display” to better alert test-takers as to how much time they have left to complete the exam.

“A key area of feedback we received from our students was the importance of being able to practice using software that replicates as much of the CPA Exam as possible, and we couldn’t agree more,” said Lynes. “Our amazing team of academics and developers has worked very hard to recreate the testing experience in all aspects so that there are no surprises on exam day.”

In addition, increased Adaptive Learning options will now be available for students to tailor their study sessions to their individual needs. More filter options allow students to better customize their quizzes, such as the ability to make the request for their quiz to include DRS problems. Students can also pull more specified analytical data that shows them where their strengths/weaknesses are, giving them the ability to better understand their overall progress and competency.

Finally, while research shows that exposure to a question multiple times will help solidify the information, memorizing answers does not help in overall comprehension. Therefore, Roger CPA Review has implemented randomized Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) answer options to its ever growing question bank of over 5,000 questions. This update ensures that each time a student sees the same question, the answer options will be in a different order—helping students actually learn the information as opposed to memorizing answers.

“We believe in offering quality content over quantity. Our academic team has high content standards that focus on producing top-notch, complex practice questions that challenge our students and keep them sharp,” said Lynes. “We’re confident this upgrade will give them the tools they need to pass successfully and be fully prepared for exam day.”

About Roger CPA Review: Roger CPA Review is a team dedicated to helping students successfully prepare for the CPA Exam with the industry’s most Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable eLearning system. With a core belief that the key to success is enjoying what you do, each learning tool has been designed with special care to foster a study process that simultaneously delivers results and enjoyment. The Roger Method™ is a proven teaching approach in which lectures, texts and practice questions are broken down into highly motivating micro-lessons that simplify difficult concepts while keeping students focused. For more information about Roger CPA Review, visit

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