Roger CPA Review Releases Upgraded CPA Exam Software

Roger CPA Review, an international leader in CPA Exam preparation, has launched significant updates to its Interactive Practice Questions (IPQ) and CPA Exam Simulation software system.  The team comprised of the profession’s top educators and expert eLearning software developers have designed this system based on the upcoming CPA Exam changes, student feedback and extensive research on how students retain and apply information.  Adhering to the company’s dedication to providing the most efficient, effective and enjoyable CPA Exam review program, the software upgrade enables maximum user control with higher level diagnostic reporting, customizable quizzes and full CPA Exam simulations.

The upgraded Interactive Practice Questions includes enhanced diagnostic reporting which will improve students’ study efficiency.  By helping them accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses, they can focus their study time on areas needing additional preparation. The increased analytics and data metrics allow students to gauge themselves on two critical factors: progression through the material and competency of the material.  Seeing this data provides students with a sense of achievement, which is a very effective motivational tool when preparing for the exam.
“Through analytics, students can review their individual performance on all tested CPA Exam topics, and determine where their preparation efforts should be concentrated,” said Roger CPA Review’s Vice President, Kristin Lynes.  “By identifying low performance areas throughout their studies, students can cultivate their study plans to ultimately drive higher results on exam day.”
Beyond personal assessment, the software allows students to fully customize their practice sessions.  Students can now review, sort, and quiz themselves based on new parameters, including unanswered questions, questions they have previously answered correctly, questions they have previously answered incorrectly, and questions they have flagged or noted for further review.
The software furthermore provides a final crucial step in the Roger Method™ with the CPA Exam Simulator.  Here students have access to an unlimited amount of full-length practice exams in which they can hone their test taking strategy, time management and self-discipline under exam-like conditions, while continuing to expose themselves to the material.
“It’s a much different situation to score well on a limited 20 question quiz versus a grueling four hour exam simulation,” said Lynes.  “Not only do students need to perform well on the difficult material, but they need to stay sharp, focused and overcome fatigue.  The CPA Exam Simulator provides students with an unlimited number of practice exams so that they can refine their test taking skills and stamina until they are ready for the final run on exam day.”
Finally, a new review mode allows students to review previously answered questions in a non-test environment to analyze their answer responses and fully understand the material tested.  From here students have the ability to retake practice exams, quizzes or build new quizzes based on their specifications.
The Interactive Practice Questions are an essential part of the Roger Method™, which includes three fundamental components: Learn, Practice and Support.  The system contains over 5,000 Multiple Choice Questions and Task-based Simulations, all including full explanations as to why each answer option is correct, or incorrect, so that students fully comprehend the material.  As with all Roger CPA Review preparation tools, the IPQ is cloud-based and mobile compatible, offering accessibility and convenience of learning.
“Roger CPA Review continues to be at the forefront of eLearning,” said Lynes.  “With the 2017 CPA Exam changes quickly approaching, this upgrade will give our students an extra advantage, ensuring they are fully setup for success.”

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