Roger CPA Review Students Jumpstart 2018 CPA Exam Prep with Enhanced Course Options

Roger CPA Review, a professional education company focused on CPA Exam preparation, has released its 2018 CPA Exam course materials with enhanced course package options.  Incoming students can begin preparing with the exam prep materials that best meet their needs by customizing their courses with any combination of 2017 and 2018 materials. Additionally, for a limited time, students that enroll in the Elite Course Package will receive unlimited course access for as long as required to pass.

This launch comes at the end of a year when accounting enrollments remained high, but the number of students sitting for the CPA Exam was at an all-time low, due in part to the significant changes to the CPA Exam in 2017.  Nonetheless, based on recent data by the AICPA, 2017 pass rates have been on par with previous years, contributing to a more positive outlook for 2018.

“Future CPAs are eager to take the exam in 2018,” said Rob Dewey, Vice President of Product at Roger CPA Review. “They’re recognizing that the CPA license is still the gold standard certificate in the profession and their best bet for success.  Our commitment is to ensure that the study process is enjoyable and engaging, and that it fits seamlessly into a candidate’s lifestyle and requirements.”

The company began enabling students to customize their course packages with 2017 and 2018 materials in early October of this year.  Since the launch, all new students have selected at least one section to be 2018 edition materials, supporting predictions for next year.  Many students are also using this option as an opportunity to pass one or two of the four CPA Exam sections before the testing window ends in 2017.

“This level of flexibility is something the students have asked for and it makes sense,” said Dewey.  “While other review courses lock students into purchasing course materials for one calendar year, our option provides students with relevant, quality materials for whenever they plan to take each exam.”

Unlimited course access for Elite Course Package students builds upon Roger CPA Review’s initiative to provide optimum flexibility. This addition to the review course’s most comprehensive package helps ensure students pass the CPA Exam, even when faced with unexpected life events.  With this option, candidates can adjust their examination plan to meet their individual needs.

“As we move into 2018, we are optimistic about the future of the accounting profession,” said Dewey. “We’re honored to do our part by providing a great head start for CPA candidates nation-wide.”

Candidates that would like to take advantage of Roger CPA Review’s enhanced offerings can enroll in the course package that meets their needs today. Please visit: Roger CPA Review courses.

About Roger CPA Review 
Roger CPA Review is a professional education company that specializes in CPA Exam preparation. Roger CPA Review’s mission is to create an impactful learning experience that helps aspiring accountants achieve career success. With a strong background in both accounting education and the profession, Roger CPA Review works to partner with the nation’s top universities, accounting firms and professional associations to help aspiring accountants achieve success from early undergraduate education to CPA licensure and well into their professional careers. For more information about Roger CPA Review, visit

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