Roger CPA Review’s New Homework Help Center

According to Dr. Lori Breslow, director of the MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory, “It used to be that experts poured information into the heads of novices…But today’s learning must be a social experience among peers.”

Enter Roger CPA Review’s Homework Help Center.

Along the way, every student will find some CPA Exam topics difficult to comprehend – that’s understandable and expected. And as the digital era puts information at our student’s fingertips, we understand that finding the answers and receiving help in education has changed drastically from being a process to being instantaneous. Taking this into consideration to help students during these particularly difficult times, we’ve redesigned our Homework Help Center to provide each student with free, unlimited access to a 24/7 online forum for students to ask questions and receive guidance from expert CPAs as well as their fellow peers as they progress through their studies. Focusing on the “Support” portion of our Learning Methodology, our Homework Help Center continues to contribute to our streamlined learning approach in online CPA Review as students learn from our experts and one another.


When students enter the Homework Help Center, they are greeted by the “Questions” tab, which serves as the homepage as well as their message board blog. Here, students will see all of the questions that other Roger CPA Review students have posted with helpful corresponding information such as the title of the question, the question itself, how long ago it was posted, how many answers/views it has received, and tags that categorize the questions by topic for later search. When students click into any of these questions on the their message board blog, it will direct them to the answer and even more specified content areas, such as whether or not it is in regards to the REG, FAR, AUD, or BEC part of the Exam, the course section the question is from, and how long ago the answer was posted. Students have the option of leaving a comment to continue the thread of conversation and have the benefit of seeing the latest conversations as they are updated according to the most recent posts.


Under the “tags” tab of the Homework Help Center, students will find labels that categorize their question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for students to find and answer their questions in a convenient and quick way. Students can peruse the tags on the page that show the most popular topics, browse by alphabetical order, or type their own keywords into the search bar and receive a list of results related to that topic.

Ask a Question

If students are unable to find the answer to their question or simply see that such a question has yet to be posted, the “ask a question” tab gives them the opportunity to do just that. Broken down into sections, students write the subject of their question, what it actually is, the way they want it to be formatted, and tags they can use to further categorize the post. Students can even link directly to a question from their IPQ, lecture, or site. This not only makes the learning process a lot more intuitive, but also hones in on tailoring each student’s questions and answers specific to their needs.

Roger CPA Review's New Homework Help Center Features

As students engage in learning the material, the Homework Help Center will be one of the most resourceful tools available to them, providing support and guidance every step of the way in their studies to reinforce what they’ve learned and also to delve deeper into topics they don’t fully understand. Through this community of students and expert CPAs, the Homework Help Center truly leverages technology to facilitate the student’s learning process and to focus on the student experience.

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