UC Berkeley Extension Partners With Roger CPA Review to Offer CPA Exam Preparation Courses For Credit

UC Berkeley Extension has selected Roger CPA Review as an exclusive partner for the school’s CPA Examination Preparation course series.  Starting September 2016, CPA candidates will be able to earn up to 4 academic credits (1 for each course) while preparing for the CPA Exam with the profession’s leading CPA review course materials.
An industry leader in accounting education technology, Roger CPA Review integrates adaptive learning software with a proven learning methodology to simplify complicated topics, help students retain and apply information and ultimately keep students engaged. This makes it the ideal partner for UC Berkeley Extension, known for its dedication to innovation and academic excellence.
“We are excited about partnering with Roger CPA Review for this program, as they bring many benefits to our students including a strong support system, great value and an 88% pass rate,” said Anna Lee, UC Berkeley Extension Program Director.  “The Roger CPA Review materials make the normally dreadful preparation process much more enjoyable for students.”
This program is extremely beneficial to CPA candidates who are aggressively working to gain CPA licensure as it addresses two of the major requirements: passing the CPA Exam and satisfying the 150 university credit hour rule, which is now applicable in all 50 states.
“Roger CPA Review continues to create ways for students to prepare and pass the CPA Exam in a seamless transition from academia to profession,” said Charlotte Roberts, Vice President of eLearning at Roger CPA Review.” With this program, students have the opportunity to tackle the required credits and exam preparation in tandem and accomplish their CPA Exam goals faster. We’re excited to be a part of that!”
Students enrolled in the UC Berkeley Extension CPA Exam Preparation program will have access to Roger CPA Review’s customizable study planners, more than 5,000 CPA Exam practice questions, unlimited full-length practice exams in an exam-like setting and robust diagnostics to assess progress and competency.
“Partnering with Roger CPA Review means passing the CPA Exam is right at our students’ fingertips as long as they are willing to make the commitment and remain disciplined throughout the preparation process,” said Lee.
Courses in the UC Berkeley Extension CPA Examination Preparation series include Auditing and Attestation (AUD) Module, Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) Module, Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) Module, and Regulation (REG) Module. The next class in the series, Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) Module) begins Tuesday, September 20, 2016.  For more information on the program and to enroll, please visit the UC Berkeley Extension website.
About Roger CPA Review:
Roger CPA Review is a team dedicated to helping students successfully prepare for the CPA Exam with the industry’s most Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable eLearning system. With a core belief that the key to success is enjoying what you do, each learning tool has been designed with special care to foster a study process that simultaneously delivers results and enjoyment. The Roger Method™ is a proven teaching approach in which lectures, texts and practice questions are broken down into highly motivating micro-lessons that simplify difficult concepts while keeping students focused. For more information, visit accounting.uworld.com/cpa-review.
About UC Berkeley Extension:
The continuing education branch of the University of California, Berkeley, UC Berkeley Extension offers professional development and personal enrichment courses in the classroom and online. Most Extension courses take place in the evenings and on weekends to accommodate the busy schedules of working adults. UC Berkeley Extension also offers more than 65 professional certificates and specialized programs of study that focus your instruction in specific areas. For more information, please visit UC Berkeley Extension.

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