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Just as many college campuses have resource centers to help students in every aspect of their professional and academic career, so does Roger CPA Review. Our CPA Exam Learning Center is FREE, providing video lecture content and resources to help both current and potential CPA Exam candidates learn more about some of the most requested information regarding the exam, licensure, and accounting industry.

Whether they’re just beginning to explore the opportunities a CPA license has to offer, or nearing eligibility to sit for the CPA Exam, these resources provide plenty of guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to reach their goals or better understand the topic they’re interested in. Broken down by category to find difficult CPA Exam topics, important industry lectures, and more, the CPA Exam Learning Center is a resourceful hub for CPA Exam candidates to visit and gain support on all their various journeys to becoming a CPA. Below is a list of some of the overarching topics candidates are able to explore using this essential resource center.

CPA Exam Basics

For those who are new to the CPA Exam, there’s no doubt they will have plenty of inquiries. Such candidates can start here with our most frequently asked exam questions as well as exam basics such as format, content, and the requirements you need to meet to sit for the exam. This gives candidates an in-depth look into each of these topics as well as a free downloadable PDF to our eBook, “CPA Exam Basics”, which provides all of the information in written form. Through these videos, candidates will get a better understanding of how to begin their CPA licensing journey and feel better prepared for the road ahead.

CPA Exam Strategies

The CPA Exam can be overwhelming, and common instances that many exam candidates face is not knowing how much time they should put into their studies or what the most efficient and effective study plan is for them. For those who are looking for tips on how to tackle the exam, this section focuses on great study strategies that enable students to get the most out of their time. Topics include how to conquer Written Communication, tackling Research Questions, knowing more about Research Task Format, and how to use AICPA sample tests. One of our most popular topics features the “Top 7 Not-So-Obvious CPA Exam Tips” that gives students insight into a better plan of attack for Exam day.

CPA Exam and Industry Updates

The CPA Exam has gone through many changes over the years, and is likely to continue evolving as the industry changes and adapts to the times. To make sure students don’t miss out on any important CPA Exam changes, our content specialists keep them informed as any changes occur. This will allow students to see whether or not such updates will impact them during their exam timeframe; and, if it does, give them a head’s up to make changes to their studies accordingly to accommodate the new material.

Help on Difficult Topics

The material covered on the CPA Exam can be tough for many students. Pulled straight from the Roger CPA Review course, our video lectures in this section cover some of the most difficult exam topics students face, making them easy to learn and understand. Such topics include Marketable Securities, Earnings Per Share, and Cost and Equity Methods. By making these videos readily available, students are assured in knowing that at the base of their studies is a strong foundation of knowledgeable CPA Exam experts helping them along the way.

The CPA Exam is a difficult feat, but with the Learning Center, students are supported and don’t have to go through it alone. Topics for the Learning Center have been influenced by feedback from our students as well as areas of focus we see trending for CPA Exam candidates so that students have a one-stop shop for resources pertinent to their success. 

What are one of your favorite videos from our CPA Exam Learning Center? Comment below! 

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