For the future CPA: Top TEN things to squeeze in before graduation!

With cap-and-gown season quickly approaching, complete these ten steps to make sure you’re ready for it!

  1. Boost your final exam scores with our Free Help for Finals videos. Simply choose from an array of accounting topics, and Roger will steer you through with the same enthusiasm and energy he uses in his CPA Exam Review Course!
  2. Find out your states CPA Exam Requirements to check your unit requirements and get started on the application process to sit for the exam! Statistics show that recent graduates tend to perform better on the exam than those that have been out of school for a while!
  3. Ask yourself: Did I pay my library fees? You’ll have trouble requesting transcripts down the line if you have holds on your account for those pesky accounting books that you never read!
  4. Make a timeline for when you want to complete the exam by, and create a solid study plan around it! The best time to study is right after graduation. Don’t procrastinate you’ll only get busier!
  5. Do you have student loans? Complete the required student loan exit interview process via Student Accounts. Don’t be discouraged, CPAs tend to have starting salaries upwards of 50K – you’ll pay it off eventually!
  6. Already invited to work for a firm? Talk to Human Resources and look into your benefits. The firm you’re set to work for might cover a CPA review course.
  7. Do your research! Find out which CPA Review Course is best for you by comparing courses!
  8. Go to the Registrars office and have your diploma and your final transcripts expedited. Make your life easier later. Oftentimes, it can take months for schools to post your degree completion on your records.
  9. Be financially savvy. Place a $100 deposit to secure your student discount for Roger CPA Review Course! Our current student rate of $1695 is only guaranteed until June 30th, 2011.
  10. Live it up! Once you graduate, you’ll be living, breathing, sleeping and practically eating the CPA Exam. Lets just say life’s going to get a bit busy for a while. Well – until retirement!
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