New Blog Series Kickoff: Gear up for Recruiting

Recruiting season is fast approaching and for those who have experienced this crucial time, you understand a lot hinges on just a few hours. But it doesn’t stop there; the skills you learn and develop during recruiting will come in handy throughout your career. 

During the next several weeks, Roger CPA Review will help you prepare for recruiting by explaining topics including resumes, networking, making a good impression, following up, and everything in between! 

Follow our Gear up for Recruiting series and you are sure to have a smashing season! To kick off the series, we thought it best to explain a little bit about what recruiting season is and why its important.

What is recruiting season?

Typically once a year – during the fall – companies in all areas of accounting spend countless hours and dollars to recruit a few select students for internships and full-time positions. To kick off this season, many campuses or state societies hold career fairs often referred to as, Meet the Firms or the Accounting Fair.

The event lasts a few hours, giving eager candidates a chance to hand out their resume and network with professionals and recruiters from a number of companies and firms. 

Following this event, firms may hold additional on-campus interviews or will make selections based on the students whove impressed!

Why is it important?

A more direct question would be, Why did you go to college? in which case the answer would be the same: to get a job. Recruiting season is among THE MOST crucial points in your college career because the outcome can determine the rest of your life. 

To keep it on the lighter side dont worry! You are lucky that accounting is one of the most highly recruited and stable industries out there. Remember your friends who majored in English or Art History? Do they have recruiting events specifically for them? Probably not.

Typically, this event is held during the first few weeks of school which is why it is so important to start preparing now. We know you will learn something new from this series and in the least, be reminded of something you forgot. 

Be sure to leave a comment if there is a specific topic you would like to learn about, or if you have any questions surrounding the recruiting season.

Good luck!

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