Recipe for a Successful CPA Exam Experience

What’s the recipe for a successful CPA Exam experience? Here’s our list, except that we’ve left out the most important ingredient. Can you guess what it is, without skipping to the end?

10 parts of _______________
3 parts planning your studies
1 solid CPA Review course
4 parts more practice
1 part fulfilling all the requirements

And the missing ingredient is….Confidence!! That’s right. Did you guess it?

We believe that having confidence in yourself and your abilities is more than half the battle. Every year, we talk to thousands of students on campus and at events. These students are exceptionally bright: they have high GPAs, are members and officers of prestigious organizations, and know what they want. When we talk to them about the CPA Exam, or if they ask questions about the exam, the tone of the conversation shifts. Students start to get nervous and uncomfortable, which is completely okay, because we do understand that this test is a beast. To be able to wrap your head around how much you need to know IS frightening. What we want to make sure is that your attitude towards the CPA exam changes completely when you go take the real thing. You can lay on the fear/anxiety at campus events when you’re talking to us, but when you’re stepping into the exam room, you should feel confident!

Here are some ways to build your confidence as you prepare to take the CPA Exam:

  • Plan to study and then actually study! Nothing builds more confidence than preparation. 
  • Think positive! Make up a confidence mantra and repeat it to yourself as you prepare: “I will pass the CPA Exam.” 
  • Relax: deep breaths, lots of sleep, and do things that make you feel good are all crucial as you get closer to exam day
  • Work smarter, not harder: identify your strengths and then quickly move on to your weak topics. Focus more of your time on those. 
  • Have a CPA Exam Game Plan. 

The bottom line is: it’s OKAY to be nervous about this exam. But make sure that when you go in to tackle the beast, you slay it with one confident and smooth stroke.

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