Week 2: Best Places to Study for the CPA Exam

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Something I’ve learned early on in the study process is the importance of finding the spot where you most like to study. Better yet, have a few go-to spots. You need to know where you can be the most productive. Mine are at home, the library and the coffee shop. Each one is has its own advantages and of course, its own set of drawbacks. But I have different days that call for each place.

Home – Easiest place to get a quick study session in. Get home from work, hop on the computer and crank out some questions. The only problem with trying to get studying in at home is the amount of distractions you have to fight off. The TV, internet, phone and couch are all in plain sight. I could be studying or I could find out the score of the game. If I get hungry I get up and head to the kitchen. There are so many possible interruptions which makes home a challenging place to get a whole lot done.

Coffee Shop Much better set up to really focus on studying. Yeah, you have to shell out $4 for a cup of coffee to go sit there, but its worth the expense. You know you’ll devote a few good hours to a given topic and there’s much less of a chance you’ll be bothered or sidetracked. As long as you’re not sitting next to any unusually loud groups of people, you should be all set to hit the books.

Library For me, the library is the best place to really concentrate. No using the phone, no people coming in and out, and no trendy background music. This is it. Before I started studying for the exam, I don’t think I even knew that the downtown public library existed. Now I’m spending a lot of time there. When I need to really get the most out of my study session or I’m having trouble with a concept, the library is the place to go.

Where’s your favorite place to study?

Happy Studying,


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