6 Things Keeping You From Taking the CPA Exam


Passing the CPA Exam is, by all accounts, one of the toughest things you’ll ever have to do. But, it will also be one of the most rewarding. However, since it requires a lot of time and effort, many students and professionals fall into the trap of postponing the exam when they shouldn’t.

If we’re faced with intimidating odds or an overwhelming task, there’s a little part of our brains that always tries to talk us out of whatever we’re about to do. Let’s call it “The Nagging Doubt.” That Nagging Doubt is really good at making excuses and convincing us to procrastinate. But, if you really want to achieve your goal of becoming a CPA, you’ll need to learn how to argue with the Nagging Doubt, and turn it into Iron Clad Determination.

Here are 5 excuses many people use to postpone the CPA Exam and why they shouldn’t. 

1. “I’ll wait until my firm pays for my CPA Exam review course.”

In truth, many firms will pay for your review course. However, that’s no reason to wait. If you’ve just graduated from college with the requisite 150 hours, you can sit for the CPA Exam, pass it, and get started on the best part of your career right out of the gate. Life is uncertain and will hit you with surprises, so it’s best to make yourself as valuable as you can BEFORE entering the job market. Many hiring managers also interpret this as a demonstration of your professional commitment, which makes you a much more desirable hire.

2. “I’ll do better at the exam if I get some career experience before I take it.”

Sadly, this often doesn’t work out as planned. Firms usually demand a great deal of time and effort from their new hires, which leaves very little time to study for and take the CPA Exam. Before you know it, the pressures and time constraints of your job and your life could add up to become a nearly insurmountable roadblock between you and your goal.

3. “I’m scared that I’ll fail.”

We all fear failure at some point in our lives. But, in reality, the true failure is when you never try at all, or, even worse, if you just quit trying. The majority of CPA Exam candidates don’t pass the first time. This is why our course offers our unconditional course repeat policy. Don’t fear failure. Welcome it. You’ll learn from it and be that much closer to success if you just keep trying. 

4. “I don’t have time to study.”

Very few people have enough time to study. Finding time is an art. Balance your priorities, and budget the time you have. If obtaining your CPA license is something you want, you’ll find the time to make it work. Something to remember is that studying for the CPA Exam will only comprise a small amount of your life while reaping the benefits of being a CPA will last you an entire lifetime. 

5. “I just want to take a break before I start studying again.”

This is a tough one… college students are often tired of stress and studying by the time they graduate. It’s really tempting to reward yourself for the determination you’ve already shown. But, with just one more strong push, you can pass the CPA Exam and be fully prepared to start the career you’ve been working so hard toward. If you take that break, the valuable accounting information you learned in school will begin to fade. Even worse, you could lose your momentum and give up altogether. Start now, get it over with, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can always take that break before you start applying to firms.

6. “I can’t afford it right now.”

Without a doubt, taking the CPA Exam is an expensive proposition. But, prices will only continue to rise. It’s in your best interest to shoulder that financial burden now, which can be easily done with our transparent financing options. Search for unexpected income sources, or make cutbacks wherever possible. There’s no better investment than investing in your future.

The simple fact is this: the longer you wait, the harder it will be to take the CPA Exam.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down by the obstacles that life throws at you. Defeat that Nagging Doubt in your head that’s holding you back. Take the exam as soon as you’re eligible. You’ll be glad you did.

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