The CPA Exam: Top 3 Reasons You Need To Take It

Are you on the fence about taking the CPA Exam? Or you’re putting it off just because you can. What if we told you we have three hard facts that will convince you to drop everything you’re doing and start studying for this exam? Read ahead if you’re ready to stop, drop, and STUDY.

There is a HUGE need for accountants and auditors

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment for people with a CPA license will grow by 22% between now and 2018? This means that your hard work wont go to waste. As globalization is on the rise, more companies are cropping up and the need for accountants is consequently growing. In this day and age, when we wear clothes from China, drive cars from Japan, and consume olive oil from Italy, accountants and auditors who can embrace globalization and understand International Financial Reporting Standards will be needed all over the world. The pay-off for studying now is going to be so worth it when you have that shiny new job.

Its not JUST about being an accountant.

There are many routes you can choose to go once you have the CPA Exam under your belt. Although the test material can seem dry and intense, the opportunities and people you’ll have a chance to come across once you’re done will be colorful and interesting. Did you know that with your CPA certification, you can choose to work in industries like (and definitely not limited to) Business, Management Consulting, and Forensic Accounting? The AICPA does a fantastic job of explaining the options you have. To add icing to the cake, CNNMoney ranks the job of a CPA 9 out of 100 in their Best Jobs in America.

Your certification CAN make the world a better place.

Remember the Enron scandal in 2001? If you don’t, here’s what happened in a nutshell: Enron Corporation went bankrupt because of its unethical accounting practices (Mark to Market accounting). The leaders of Enron grew greedy for profits and the company’s accounting firm, Arthur Anderson, played a huge hand in the company’s downfall. This also resulted in lost jobs for thousands of employees, wiped pensions, and the destruction of trust so many Americans had in the economy. To add insult to injury, because Enron was a global corporation, the damage done by Enron extended far beyond the United States. Even though it has been over a decade since this incident, what you can take away is that you really hold the power to prevent more incidents like this. Companies need ethical and extremely responsible people to help run their shows. You and your fellow classmates are the future of the accounting world. 

We hope we’ve convinced you that if you’re unsure about the CPA exam, this certification IS your calling. We have so many resources to help you out on your route to becoming certified. Even if these aren’t your reasons, we’re here to help.

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