Feeling CPA Exam Burnout? Consider This Tip!

I passed AUD on my first attempt. Now I’m starting BEC using the same review strategy.

I am finding it  difficult to begin the study process once again.  This is the last required part of the CPA Exam but I’m feeling very burned out.  However, the good news is that passing three of the four parts of the exam has given me a lot of confidence and motivation to persevere.  I  took the “hardest” part of the exam first so I  am hoping it’s all downhill from here! 

I also realize that I shouldn’t assume anything or start celebrating until I have passed all sections of the CPA exam.  I am aware of a few individuals who were overly confident and then failed the final part of their CPA exams.  I don’t want that to happen to me so I have to dig deep for motivation to successfully make it through to the very end.

For me, exercise is the best way to clear my mind, stay motivated and prevent mental burnout. For instance, when I began studying for REG, I took up biking. When I was studying for FAR, I started running again for the first time in years.  For AUD, I stopped lifting weights and started jumping rope and doing agility drills and push-ups – I literally trained like a boxer to beat the exam.

Exercise clears the mind and improves blood circulation supplying the brain with much needed oxygen. It’s  a win-win for your body and your brain – two areas that need to be fit during test time.   A growing body of evidence suggests that we think and learn better after some form of exercise.  If. you find yourself becoming weary and overly tired studying for the CPA Exam, go for a walk.  Go for a bike ride.  Lift a few weights.  It might just help.

– Steven P., Roger CPA Review Guest Blogger

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