Have you joined YOUR State Society yet?

You’re an aspiring CPA–Review Course ready to go, advice from mentors and peers–but have you joined your local state society yet? As many CPA-to-be’s aren’t aware of this great resource, we’re awesome enough to give you the inside scoop!


Always a necessity, networking is an essential part in finding a job and maintaining professional contacts as an accountant. The people that you meet in a State Society come from a variety of backgrounds, experience levels and job profiles. Each member offers their own unique take on the accounting industry. These peers can be invaluable as resources, especially to CPA Exam candidates trying to pass their exams.


Besides networking, State Societies offer conferences, seminars, webinars, CPE classes, and other educational benefits to those members. Additionally, they are often up to date on all CPA laws and regulations in your state as well as on all accounting industry news. For example, the Maryland Association for CPAs lists news directly on their homepage and runs a fabulous blog to keep their members updated. The resources that a State Society can provide you are only limited by the needs that you need met and the extent to which you utilize their services.


Our personal favorite part of joining State Societies is that they often offer CPA Exam Review discounts. Roger CPA Review partners with the OSCPAMSCPA, and tons of others, to provide our energetic, comprehensive CPA Review to their members. Not every society allows members that are CPA exam candidates, but, those that do offer great resources and discounts on passing the CPA Exam and gaining licensure in your state.

And to top it off, currently CalCPA is offering a FREE membership until 2012–you can also get a discount with our Roger CPA Review course through this offer! Isn’t that groovy?

So what is the plan of action after receiving all this (great) info? SIGN UP for your local state society today! Don’t forget, we also partner with a variety of other organizations who qualify for discounts!

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