‘Tis the Season to Become a CPA


The CPA credential is the gold standard of accounting and carries enormous weight in the business and financial worlds. Becoming a CPA comes with unlimited rewards and successes. If you’re working towards your CPA credential this holiday, but having a difficult time staying motivated, we are here to help provide ways in which you can motivate yourself to study for the CPA Exam now and pass in the new year!

1. Get Your Firm Bonus Faster

If you’re already working at a firm or are planning to do so, you already know that many firms give out bonuses (anywhere up to $5,000!) for candidates who finish and pass the CPA Exam in an allotted amount of time (usually 1 year). Afterward, the bonus amount can decrease the longer it takes you to pass. So finish the CPA Exam before that due date, and you may get that bonus even quicker! Plus, this will show your current or potential employer that you mean business. Taking the CPA Exam is ambition enough—but passing all 4 sections before they expect you to? Yes. You’ll be on the radar and you may enjoy some benefits sooner than expected.

2. Increase Your Salary Quicker 

CPAs make on average 5-10% more than non-CPAs and are also estimated to make over $1 million more during the course of their career. This means the sooner you get your CPA license, the sooner you can increase your salary. Imagine getting that pay jump right after the holidays. That means more money in your pocket sooner to pay off school loans, save for a home, and more!

3. The Longer You Wait, the More Difficult It Will Be

Life only gets increasingly complex as time goes on–so take the CPA Exam as soon as possible. Take advantage of the time you have now during the holiday to work towards your CPA credential. The faster you get the CPA Exam out of the way, the quicker your life can begin. Plus, take advantage of still being in academic study mode if you graduated from college this year. The accounting topics you learned will still be fresh in your mind and you won’t have to deal with transitioning from a young professional back to a student. 

4. Study in an Inspiring Location

You don’t have to be a hermit studying in a dark room this holiday season. Find a way to incorporate enjoying the holidays while you’re studying. Find an inspiring location to work from and use our fully-featured UWorld Roger CPA Review mobile app (Apple or Android) and dive into your QBank. Our comprehensive mobile app syncs across all of your devices allowing you to easily continue your studies from one device to the next. It is also your all-access pass to our signature technology, audio lectures, downloadable offline lectures, multiple-choice questions, and task-based simulations. Maximize your study time with convenient, on-the-go access to your entire CPA review course right in the palm of your hand and from any location.

5. Include Your Family and Friends in Your Reward System

If you’re a parent and your kids are home and want to enjoy the holidays, try to incorporate them into your study reward system. For example, when you’re done mastering a chapter or concept, it’s time for some family fun. Alternatively, if your friends are wanting to spend time with you, but they understand that helping you stay focused to get through your practice exams for FAR will make that happy hour happen faster, you’ll get your studying done sooner and everyone will know exactly what to expect.

6. Do More Today so You Have Less to do Tomorrow

Don’t procrastinate! Work now, play later. Granted that this is much easier said than done, but the harder you try to put your studies first, the more enjoyable your holiday will be! In retrospect, the next few months that you spend working towards passing the exam are a small price to pay for the enormous amount of benefits and opportunities that licensure will bring in both your personal and professional life. 

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