Week 5: Studying and Staying Productive

We’re happy to introduce our new Guest Blogger, Ohio-based CPA hopeful, Joe Ferri! Tune in weekly to follow Joe as he conquers FAR using the Roger CPA Review Online Course, and documents his every trial and tribulation!

Taking advantage of down time.

It’s really important for me to stay productive even when I don’t necessarily have the time to sit down and break out all the books. I try to take advantage of any free time with flash cards or by having the video lectures playing on my computer. The lectures may just be on in the background, but I feel like I’m taking it in at all times. If I know I’ll be focusing on a section of the book, I’ll have that class on throughout the day. If I am able to jot down any notes while the lectures playing, that’s better yet.

That’s one of things that makes Roger CPA Review so helpful. All of the different products really make it easy to review the material no matter how busy your schedule gets at work or at home. Small windows of time can be used to watch a class that you’re having trouble with. Flash cards can be great when you’re traveling. Managing your free time can make a big difference when the test day comes. Having so many different tools to help study for the CPA Exam makes it easy to be flexible with your study strategy and still be productive even as things come up.

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