CPA Exam Blogger Phil: My Heart Beats

CPA Exam Blogger Philip is in the final stretch of his CPA Exam journey. We have thoroughly enjoyed having him as our guest blogger, and in this blog post, he talks about why he loves our Cram course and how he studies with it. 

What makes my heart beat to the beat of a drum? 
A) Sale On Approval
B) Ke$ha
C) Rogers CRAM 
D) All of the Above

So, here I am just 29 days away from my exam, my last CPA Exam that is.  I’m totally FREAKING out!  I was talking with a friend today at work and she asked me if I was ready to return to life before the CPA Exam.  I looked at her and retorted that I couldn’t remember life without late night study sessions, weekend study sessions, carrying my Roger book to my daughters dance recitals and practice and pretty much stressing out all of the time over 72 questions.  Rogers videos have been once again amazing this past week, but the one thing that really got my heart beating to the beat of a drum was his mention of my celebrity crush, Ke$ha for his topic on Sale on Approval! ThatWasAWESOME! 

So, yeah, Im an accounting geek and all, but my wife and I totally made it out to Syracuse University to catch Ke$ha on tour in April.  And yes, I did take a break from my studies to catch it!  Good times.  I dont think I could ever forget that topic: Sale on Approval and Ke$ha.

But seriously, this week I’m hammering down on Reg 5 and will make it through Reg 6 next week only to start the two week cram course.  I’m not a salesman for Roger CPA Review, but let me tell you my thoughts about Roger CPA Review Cram Courses.  There is so much stress prepping for an exam the size of FAR and REG because there is so much material and thousands of questions to get through.  So I opted for the full suite of Crams (FAR, AUD, BEC and REG) that Roger provides because it takes the stress off for the last two weeks before the exam.  For me, I don’t have to figure out a second study plan the final crash study plan before the exam, because Roger lays it out in his cram.  I have found the cram to be a VITAL part of my study session.  

It’s true.  I sit there as Roger goes through the critical CPA Exam Review Material that I need to focus on and the initial lesson that I learned in the full course is refreshed.  I actually cant wait to start the Cram courses.   When I get to the cram, I actually listen to the entire lecture for the topic (that might include several videos) before I read and do a question.  Once that set of videos is over for the topic, I then read and jump into the Wiley Software.  At this point, I have worked the Wiley homework book questions at least two times, so its time to move onto the software.  I like the software because it keeps track of my scores and gives me a dashboard display.  I work each question until I have gone through all of them at least two times and only focus on the questions I got wrong for the third and fourth run through.  Yes, that’s how many run throughs of the software I do.  In fact, I upped the amount of run throughs for BEC to four and scored an 86.  So there’s definitely something to be said about working those questions! 

Do you have a CPA Exam Cram course? If so, how do you study with it, and what has proven to be most effective for you?

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