Live Chat Recap: Your Top Study Questions Answered!

Missed our live chat with Roger Philipp, CPA last Thursday? No problem–here’s a recap of the top questions asked by CPA Exam hopefuls and students, answered by Roger himself!

Student:  Hi Roger. Some people who recently took FAR posted on Becker’s wall saying that there were a lot of detailed questions about IFRS on their exams and they thought that they weren’t prepared for that kind of questions. I am really nervous after reading those posts. Could you please tell me what I should do to deal with those questions effectively? Thanks!

Roger: Its true the new IFRS information has been overwhelming for students on the FAR exam. I have definitely taken this into consideration when creating my course materials and lectures. Heres my suggestion.when scheduling your FAR exam, give yourself a good amount of time to study for this section (Im talking 6-8 weeks). Then youll have enough time to really focus in on your trouble areas, and get as much practice as you can on IFRS questions. You can do this!!! My course always has the latest updates, including IFRS material to your course, which is available in your student account.

Student:  I previously failed AUD with a 73. So close! My next exam is REG on 8/1, and I’ve scheduled my AUD retake for 8/31. Do you think that’s enough time if I just keep rehitting the MCQs & sims? Do you suggest (re)watching the CRAM? Any tips on how I should do things differently this time around?
I’m worried that taking *too* much time off in between causes memory lapses…everything seems to be stuck in the short term memory, and there’s limited space!

Roger: close!!! I definitely think scheduling your retake sooner rather than later is the ideal choice since you have a grasp of the information and its still fresh in your mind. Take a close look at your score report and see what areas you need to work on the most. Then do a final review of all the information as a good refresher. The cram course is definitely a great way to do this! In fact, youre basically the candidate I had in mind when I designed the cram! Just a little more studying and youll do great!

Student: I’ve been out of school a lot of years and recently started your reivew course for FAR, but computer crashed two times, finally have those problems lined out and back from repairs, but I’m not sure if I just continue on from where I left off or do I need to start over. I’m not really sure if the parts that I covered are still in memory or how to trudge ahead. Thanks!

Roger: Hi Lynn, I suggest you continue forward for now. Then at the end, go back and try to do the homework questions again for those sections. If you’re having major trouble with those areas, you’ll probably want to spend some time reviewing. Good luck to you!

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